The Escalope Nomad

Can’t get enough of escalope? We’ll, don’t worry because definitely you bumped into the right place, buddy.


Escalopes ( or escallopes ) were thin slices of meat (usually veal) that were coated with egg and breadcrumbs; fried, and commonly served with a rich sauce.


From the simple grilled escalope to its famous Veal Cordon Blue rendition, don’t you think there is an available extreme exotic escalope ensemble? Join me as we explore and dissect the vast culinary world together to discover other variety of recipes whose main character is none other than, of course: escalopes!


They say that food bridges the gap between different cultures. So as we traverse the whole Europe to savor the different escalope ensemble, we’ll hop into different continents in the world as well, to taste and unbox their own version of escalope recipe; or maybe we could bring some escalopes during the trip and we’ll make some ultra extraordinary recipe experiment in our stopovers, what do you think?